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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pump Up the Volume

My hair has always been quite fine. The 'three feathers' Russian joke, as I have already described, was my nemesis in school. Therefore, I tend to look towards products that can give me volume without making my hair heavy or greasy and limp.

Step up Shan Rahimkhan. A cult stylist in Berlin, his new range, True Volume, has only launched in the UK this year. These products do what they promise: they truly pump up the volume. For fine hair, this is the equivalent of finding buried treasure. The Leave-in Treatment with Aloe Vera Juice softly plumps the hair, giving it texture and visible lift. The Supreme Volumizing Hairspray with Bamboo Extract is the hardest-working hairspray I've ever tried. It's invisible and holds any style like a magnet. 

I recommend the collection to anyone who has been searching for True Volume. The search is over. 

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