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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Full Plumage

I am embarking on something new. I have a confession: I’ve actually always been partial to supplements – I get excited by their promises. So now, I am embarking on a new challenge. To take a full course of supplements and measure their results.

Imedeen have just launched their new Hair & Nails capsules, which promise fuller hair and stronger nails, nourishing from the inside. I am excited at the prospect, because I used to get teased by friends at school about my fine, blonde hair that when I was younger almost looked transparent. Plus, an old Russian nickname for people going bald, ‘Three feathers on your head’, was one of my dad’s favourite taunts when I was growing up. So the only way is up….

Hair & Nails capsules £23.49 for two-month supply.

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