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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

best of the best teas

I am a bit of a tea lover. Especially anything herbal. As geeky as it sounds, it’s something I bonded with my now husband about on our first date. Our love of herbal tea and how big our stash was in our respective cupboards.
I have honed in on some of my favourites over the years, each for different occasions. Here is the shortlist:
  •          I LOVE Dragonfly teas anyway. Their Moroccan Mint is absolutely divine and so deliciously minty – but not synthetically so. This particular one, Vanilla Rooibos is my current ‘all-rounder’. It is quite strong, so you don’t need to leave the tea bag in for long – but as rooibos is already quite a sweet tea leaf, the vanilla makes the tea taste almost honey-laced. Lovely in the morning or before bed – it’s caffeine free. From £2.00
  • Darjeeling tea is known as the champagne of teas. This Pure Darjeeling from Dammann is light, aromatic and best served without milk. I do like it with lemon though. This is one for mid-morning or early afternoon. €15.00
  • Greenfield tea is a bit of a renegade as I only ever get it in Russia. It’s a really popular variety there and this Ceylon tea is bold, brash and flavoursome. This is great with lemon, (milk if you like it) and some honey. Perfect afternoon tea.  
  • As a family, we are partial to Pukka teas. They do some great mixtures – and this Revitalise variety with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger is lovely for autumn and winter. It is super warming and smells like pudding in a cup. Lovely for both first thing in the morning and post-dinner. From £2.00
  • I have recently discovered Rituals tea selection – what don’t they do well. This one is called Emperor’s Dream – its hero ingredients are Staranise and Licorice, however, it is also really minty and has a decent dose of fennel. This is perfect during a cleanse/detox. I find it calming post dinner or as a mid-morning hunger-pang treat. £4.50 per box

The tea cupboard needs an extra shelf I think…


  1. Me too, me too! I am obsessed with teas and what they call 'herbal infusions'... at the moment, my main loves are almond tea and rose tea, for the flavour but also for the scent, because let's face it - and I am sure it is the same for you -, a crucial part of the pleasure in enjoying a cup of tea is played by the comforting scent it delivers! I never specifically bonded over a cup of tea with a guy, though I remember a very nice lunch on top of the tate modern with my pseudo-ex, yonks ago.... at the end of said lunch, I introduced him to the wonders of peony tea... that's one of the nicest memories I treasure, no matter how much pain I had afterwards. Anyway, I think we would be tea mates, definitely! :) when I am in Paris, I am a huge lover of Mariages Frères tea rooms... if not, Kusmi will do. France is great at teas, as much as the UK, I think :) xx

  2. One of our friends just visited actually and brought with him a little gift of Kusmi tea - the best kind of gift in my opinion. xxx