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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

new insider: mama beauty

I have always been obsessed with reading about the beauty routines of influential, amazing women – not just celebrities, but ‘real’ women. Since becoming a mum myself, I still never cease to be amazed when I see a beautiful mother, who manages to look polished, happy rested and wear co-ordinating shoes. On some days with my dynamic two year old, I am surprised that I manage to get dressed at all. So in a new series of Insider interviews with mamas, I am excited to learn some beauty tips and a life lesson or two from some really inspiring women.

I am proud to announce that the first Insider Beauty Mama interview is with the beautiful owner and Creative Director of my favourite children’s boutique, La Coqueta, Celia Muñoz. With five children (yes, five!), she manages to balance work and home life with enviable ease.

I first fell in love with La Coqueta when Valentina was tiny and have since bought all her shoes from here religiously. I love it even more knowing it’s the fruit of another mama’s labour. Here’s a glimpse of how Celia still manages to look so elegant.

What’s your daily beauty routine?
My daily beauty routine is very simple and uncomplicated as I rather enjoy those few extra minutes after the alarm clock goes off and stay in bed. I wake up at 6.55 after 7 hours of sleep and ensure I am fully ready before I wake up my children. I apply  YSL hydrating cream, Guerlain’s Terracotta Cream Foundation and then my most loved lipstick from Nars in Dragon Girl. I try to exercise three times a week and eat healthily during the week...unfortunately the weekend I don't quite follow that rule. My husband is an excellent cook but I wouldn't say his recipes are particularly light ;-)    

What makes you feel beautiful? 
When my husband tells me I am beautiful (I am lucky as he does daily ;-) and when my daughter Flavia asks me to keep the outfit I'm wearing for her when she is 18 (she's currently 6). I love wearing nice accessories (in particular earrings and bracelets) and beautiful shoes... mainly flats from Charlotte Olympia who in my opinion does the most incredible shoes. I instantly feel beautiful when I have lipstick on...I just cannot live without it!

Do you manage to squeeze in any pamper time in between the chaos of children? 
I would love to say yes but I would be lying. I rarely go to the hairdresser (which I should) and get a manicure once a year for Christmas which is when I get a bit more time for myself and have my mum forcing me to take time for myself. In Summer I would get a pedicure once a week as I cannot bear to see my toes without nail polish. I am determined in the New Year to dedicate a bit of time every week to pamper myself... Sorry! I wish I could add more but I just don't have the time.

What is your can’t-live-without product? 
My lipstick Dragon Girl and my perfumes. I recently discovered Eau de Parfum Lumineuse from Lancome and the one I have been using since I was 16 years old, Yvresse from Yves Saint Laurent. 

Do you have any beauty tips for fellow mamas?
I don't as every woman is different but I found that what worked for me is to be yourself and try to wear daily what makes you feel beautiful and is appropriate to the occasion. I think of all the beauty recipes the most important one is happiness which translates into a beautiful smile and positive energy, in my opinion, the best accessory at any age.

More Mama Beauty coming very soon!

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