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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

#nextbigbeautything time for tea

Upon visiting some of my favourite beauty boutiques recently, I couldn't help but notice they all had one particular trend in common. It was particularly helpful on this weird sunny, windy, warm yet chilly day that each boutique served some sort of refreshment - I was parched. That's right, it's no longer acceptable to browse makeup/skincare/haircare without quenching your thirst first. At Neal's Yard, I sampled some of their delicious warm detox tea. At Aesop and Khiels', it was old faithful water. Even Liz Earle and L'Occitane were jumping on the herbal tea bandwagon - much to my delight. These brands are savvy enough to realise we will linger longer with a cup of brew in hand (especially if it's tongue-scorchingly hot). And this shamelessness is not even a bad thing. It's actually win win. 
PS: watch out for more #nextbigbeautything trends coming soon

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