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Friday, 26 September 2014

#nextbigbeautything so clean and so fresh

I have noticed a beautiful new trend over the last few months that is literally blossoming. A number of forward-thinking brands are using their windows, the visual gate, the optical invitation, to display their products in a raw and wholesome way. I am talking about glass jars, bottles, carafes and even scientific flasks. The contents are the natural, real ingredients that go in to making the product they are representing. I am in love with this trend. I think more than ever, we want to know what the ingredients are of the products that we are putting on our faces and in to our bodies and what better way to see the ingredients? Forget reading the list on the box, bottle or leaflet inside – this is visual merchandising at its most powerful.

Penhaligon's recently teamed up with young architecture practice Al-Jawad Pike, as part of the Regent’s Street windows project, which is in partnership with the RIBA. They created a window based on the science and history of perfumery and took inspiration from the raw ingredients that go in to making some of Penhaligon’s signature scents. The results were stunning. There is barely a moment when a passer-by is not photographing this installation.

At Good Hood, the wonderful design-led fashion and home store in Shoreditch, they have just unveiled an incredibly comprehensive beauty department. Apart from featuring an amazing edit of cult and hard-to-find beauty brands, I noticed their approach of pared-back, lab-like, serene merchandising. Topped off with fresh, green plants. The whole space is calm but inviting.

Finally, Sheridan and Co have just created a window for Marylebone cold-pressed juice bar Roots and Bulbs. It featured a giant factice of one of their juice bottles with a real eco-system growing inside. The scale was striking, the idea was clever and it really brought home the message of the freshness of the ingredients used in Roots and Bulb’s produce.

This trend in one word? Fresh. 

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