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Monday, 8 November 2010

Work It Girl

I am very proud of myself. I started taking Imedeen's Hair and Nail capsules back in September (has it been that long?) and I am nearly at the end of my two-month course. What I am most proud of, and actually a little shocked by, is that I haven't missed a single day. It's like someone has replaced the old supplement-taking me with a new and enthusiastic supplement-taker, or something to that effect.

In this period of almost two months I have battled a vicious cold no less than three times, broken a heel on my favourite shoes and ran down the street full-speed with four bags of cupcakes. But I have also noticed a supreme difference in both my hair and nails. I have actually had compliments on my hair although I haven't changed my styling routine. It's when the little improvements don't go unnoticed that you know, something must be working. 

I am now also trailing Imedeen's Derma One for skin and am half way through my first box. Though, with this one, you have to keep your wits about you as it's not just one, but two tablets a day - morning and evening. I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge.

Imedeen Hair & Nails capsules £23.49 for two-month supply
Imedeen Derma One £34.50 for one-month suppl

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