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Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Herb of Relaxation

As I have already established my love of all things coconuts and all things roses, falling straight in to third place, or higher sometimes, is my love of all things lavender.

There is nothing more soothing a smell than lavender. And actually, when I thought about it, I have lavender all over the house. In little pouches in my drawer (thanks Natasha!), in dried form in my grandma's old vase, in my soapdish and even the scent of my mothballs. The last being the least exciting.

For the most relaxing scent lavender is king. I have actually sniffed out a lot of lavender on the high street and L'Occitane's range has the most authentic smell. I have found others too sweet (Roger & Gallet), too cologne-y (Crabtree & Evelyn) or just not right (Yardley). This one smells like the real deal. The Bath Foam is so scented, it's the next best thing to having a bath in the middle of a lavender field. It's utter bliss. And add the lavender candle for good measure. You'll have a total lavender-fest on your hands. And a guaranteed good night's sleep of course.

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  1. I concur. Roger and Gallet's Lavender is far too sweet and Yardley's almost a fake... i.e. it smells artificial, in a very cheap (in production, not necessarily in price) way.
    L'Occitane's Lavender is by far the most perfect one and is remarkably reminiscent of the original smell of a lavender field in Southers France, in my opinion.

  2. Hear hear, Alex! I hate that synthetic smell! Another great levendr treasure I forgot to mention is the Mitchell and Peach range, which has a very fine smell indeed. x

  3. I shall endeavour to find that brand and test!
    I really like your blog... I am a newbie and am quite enthralled by the accuracy and the way you write. Also, you use my fave font. Old-fashioned typewriting stylee. Wicked! :) x

  4. Yaaay!! Thank you! I love that font too. It's my favourite all-time font too.

    One more lavender product to reccomend, John Masters do a really gorgeous hair spray called Sea Mist with sea salt, for a beachy surf-chick look that is infused with lavender. It's really lovely and organic to boot. I will write about that one...

    Really glad you like the blog :))) xx

  5. A lavender-scented hair spray??? Oh what a wonderful news!! I hope I'll find the brand. Do write about that spray, yes.. I am looking forward to the post.
    Thank you very much! Oh and.. your post about perfumes... I shall write under that one soon... I have a real passion for perfumes - mostly, for non-commercial brands.. which is my weakness, for it means I have expensive taste. What can I do.... I just conceive perfume as wine and perfume-tasting like wine-tasting... it's an art and anything that spoils the "flower-craftmanship" with too much use of alcohol is ephemeral, in my opinion... unless we're talking old-fashioned, aldehyc, magic concoctions from the 20s or the 40s.
    Anyways, I am digressing. I shall write about that another day :) xx