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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Purify My Love

I have always wanted to make my home warm, cozy and inviting. In other words, a haven from the weather outside. One of my indulgences is scented candles. A good quality scented candle is worth its weight in gold.

I know Muji does nice colourful ones under £5, however, like cheap chocolate, after a couple of bites it's too sweet and sickly. So a luxurious candle is a worthy investment. On a trip to New York some years ago, my friend gave me a beautiful candle for my birthday that lasted for months. And every time I sniffed it, it reminded me of the little boutique she used to work in and my summer in the city. Ever since then, I have wanted to have at least one luxury candle at hand.

One of my favourite organic brands, Shiffa from Dubai has a gorgeous selection of candles. The Purifying Gem Stone candle is scented with orange flower, grapefruit and lily, designed to lift your mood, yet create an atmosphere of calm serenity. I just heard thunder outside, so that would be just perfect.

Shiffa Purifying Gem Stone, £31

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