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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Barmy for Balmy

There is something very reassuring about the word ‘balmy’. I used this word all summer in my desperation for ‘balmy nights’ that I always had in Russian summers. Unfortunately, I think some of my friends started to think me ‘barmy’, which is not the reputation I wanted for myself.

There is something equally reassuring about a balmy texture on the skin that is thick and gooey, oily almost, but leaves the skin feeling super nourished and supple. I am embracing my favourite ‘balmy’ products, including Aromatherapy Associates Enrich Body Scrub. It is as rich as you’d want a body scrub to be with pure coffee, frankincense and grapefruit the wake up tired skin. You almost don’t need a lotion afterwards because the essential oils are so moisturising. Omorovicza’s Thermal Cleansing Balm is the facial equivalent. It feels beautifully extravagant. The Hungarian Moor mud cleanses the impurities while the sweet almond oil nourishes the skin.
Finally, for a deep clean, Nude’s Deep Cleansing Mask is first-class for dry skin. Although its base is kaolin clay, its non-drying formula with propolis and organic buriti means you’ll never have that tight mummy-face feeling after you’ve washed it off.

My evenings are now balmy for a different reason altogether. 

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