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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Honey I Shrunk My Pores

Now that I am seeing more and more red leaves on the trees, I am starting to truly embrace Autumn. I am drinking endless cups of lemon, ginger and honey with hot water, in my mind the most warming drink when it's cold outside.

Something that is just as sweet and comforting I've found, is Liz Earle's Deep Cleansing Mask with Manuka Honey and Green Clay. It's so gentle and the scent of the honey is overwhelmingly fresh. It actually smells like proper honey that I used to buy in Russia out of barrels when I was little.

This mask absorbs excess oils and can even be dabbed on to spots for an overnight treatment. But best of all, once you wash it off with the natural sponge, which naturally exfoliates, you're left with a flushed complexion as if you've just been for a brisk walk. A miracle worker, and I say amen to that. 

Liz Earle, Deep Cleansing Mask, £12.50 (translation: bargain!)

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1 comment:

  1. I love Liz Earl and this product is amazing! The Intensive nourishing treatment mask is also fab x