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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Time To Recover

Night-time treatments are my new pash. By 'pash' I mean passion. And by night-time treatments, I mean regenerating super-balms that can transform my skin in to a mass of cushiony softness.

Like most beauty junkies, I try new things all the time and not that often finish any product to the very very end. However, as soon as I smelt, tried and saw the results of RMK's Recovery Gel I was hooked. I was loyal to it until the very last drop and now, I am back again.
Its luxurious scent is of the freshest grapefruit with extracts of eucalyptus and seaweed to boost collagen production. Plus, its tiny massaging capsules boost blood circulation - which feel delicious as they pop and melt in to the skin. Ironically, its freshness is a mini-wakeup call for a night-time treatment, but its super soothing at the same time.

The gel is so light, so less is more here. Much more. Wake up to new skin. 

RMK Intensive Night Treatment Recovery Gel, £38 from 

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