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Thursday, 9 October 2014

mama beauty: emi ozmen

The next mama beauty interview is actually with one of my best friends. Luckily we found out we were pregnant within weeks of each other and I am not exaggerating when I say that she was my rock for those 9 months and continues to be an inspiring, hilarious and GORGEOUS friend. My little Valentina is obsessed with her daughter Silver - she finds videos of Silver on my phone and shouts "Do it!", which in baby language means: 'Press play.' Here is her take on mama beauty:

What is your daily beauty routine?
Well I'm ashamed to say I never take my make up off at night so first thing in the morning I cleanse and moisturise. My staples are Chanel foundation, highlighter on my cheekbones and nose. I hate blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick so my beauty regime is pretty quick. I love clumpy lashes and not much more for a sixties look. 

What makes you feel beautiful?
My husband 

Do you manage to squeeze in any pamper time in between the chaos of children?
A bath is my pamper time. The only time I visit a salon is for occasional eye lash extensions

What is your can’t-live-without product?
Paw paw on my lips

Do you have any beauty tips for fellow mamas?
Always make time to get ready. It makes the day so much nicer. Fresh make up clean hair means whatever kind of day you're having you're ready for anything.

Emi has just started a cool new company partner Kirsti called Mad Life, which stands for Mum and Dad Life: for all fun things for mamas, dads and kiddos. Follow them on instagram to keep up to date of forthcoming projects. 

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