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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Vintage Russian Beauty

Whilst in Russia, one of my favourite activities is to raid my grandmother’s old photographs, magazines and records. I found this incredible book from 1971 for women in Russia packed full of tips on how to wear makeup and hair in modern fashion. LOVE IT.
Now that we are having a 70s revival in fashion and makeup, it is all the more relevant.
For hair, there are pages of tips for styles to suit different face shapes. The basic rules are:
-          Square faces should wear fringes – either soft, blunt or side-swept
-          Triangular faces should try soft styles that will balance their face shape. Side-swept fringes work well too
-          Longer faces should try short styles as this will also balance the shape and soft curls work well too
-          And anyone with a heavier jaw should try a bob – with layers around the neck and jawline
For makeup – the classic 70s look of pale green or baby blue eyeshadow, eyeliner and peachy lipstick. Just add fringing, suede and floppy hat. You are a dancing queen!


  1. It was soooo interesting. I had to read the whole thing cover to cover... x

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