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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Give Me a Mane!

I have always had fine hair. Hairdressers always tell me it is as soft as a baby’s. But that is perhaps not so cute when you are in your late 20s. I love multi-tasking products that will turn my baby fuzz in to somewhat of a lions mane. Ok, make it a baby lion’s mane.
I find that Morrocanoil is the closest to a little miracle in a bottle. It transforms hair – whatever type it is, dry, brittle, damaged, lacklustre, in to rich and shiny tresses. It is worth the money and a little goes a very long way.
The other little magic wand I use to give my hair some volume is Philip Kingley’s Maximiser. It helps when you are blow-drying your hair and don’t want to make it flat as a pancake.
Yay I say to clever  beauty innovations that let us practically cheat our way to lovely hair we were almost born with.

Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment, 25ml £12.85 from Lookfantastic
Philip Kingsley Mazimiser, £12.80

1 comment:

  1. My hair is the exact opposite... thick.
    However, I've always wanted to try the Moroccanoil mask... trouble is, products can't be found here... I only ever see them in the UK and am generally too full of other stuff to buy. :( must make up for it, next time!