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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cinnamon Scent-sation

A lovely scented home is a real treat. It makes such a difference to your mood and well being. I actually found some old notes from a lecture I went to about fragrance where I was told that fragrance can even increase alertness and therefore productivity in the work place. When it comes to fragrance for the home, especially candles, it is hard to find one that is not too overpowering and actually smells like the ingredients within. Floris candles and scents are ones we would have most likely grown up with or at least be familiar with. I had never tried a Floris candle before, so I was blown away by the Cinnamon and Tangerine variety that was totally sweet with exotic fruity tones.
Each candle is hand-poured and blended with pure fragrance oil. This ensures an all-enveloping aroma that actually smells like it says on the tin. Plus, it comes with a super dinky little lid and cork mat to complete the experience. With a minimum of burning time of 35 hours, that's a lot of delicious cinnamon to enjoy.


  1. Oh I saw this one, the other day... tempted to buy but I was planning on buying one of my fave Diptyque candles or trying a new one off their range... really don't know what to do and there's so many candle scents I like I really don't know what to choose.
    This one's christmassy, I think. I like a lot.

  2. This one is so lovely! If you are a cinnamon fan, especially. I love the little touches too, like the gorgeous lid. xx

  3. I am a cinnamon fan, yes yes! :) xx