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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Back Safe and Sound

Having just come back from Russia, after yet another trip abroad, I feel in dire need of some relaxation. Moscow is a hectic melting pot of people, history and dust, so after two weeks in the metropolis, although feeling inspired, I am also feeling overwhelmed. Aromatherapy Associates is my fairy-godmother of beauty products and really soothes any ailment I have ever had. In this case, too many thoughts and of course, dreams. De-Stress Mind Bath oil will be in help me to focus. Wild camomile, petitgrain and frankincense will help me drift away to the days I spent in the countryside outside of Moscow with my grandparents.
And guess what? The pollution is no picnic for the skin either. So Aromatherapy Associates to the rescue again with their wonderful Revitalising Face Oil which contains that magic borage oil, which instantly hydrates even the driest of skins. Somehow, Moscow managed to dry out my skin, even in wet and damp conditions.
Oh well. Back to work. Back from Russia with love.


  1. Was wondering where you were! Welcome back. Hope that everything's fine. x

  2. mad mad mad few weeks (or months!) but am back now and looking forward to a relaxing few months till christmas xxx