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Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Birthday Wish

Don’t you hate it when you forget a best friend’s birthday? That’s how I felt when I heard that it was Korres’ 15th birthday in September. A belated birthday card to one of my absolute favourite brands. To celebrate, I want to share my top three products from Korres (although, I use everything in my Korres collection until I have to recycle the packaging):
-          Absinthe Shaving Cream: My boyfriend’s favourite but I also love love love this. It is so conditioning, smells delicious and feels so much more delicate on the skin than chemical-laden shaving foams.
-          Cherry Lipgloss: The scent is so sweet, I defy anyone not to develop a lip-licking habit. This shade, Light Pink, is perfect for the 60s babydoll pout.
-          Coconut Milk Body Milk: I love all the Korres body milks and body butters, but this Coconut one is not overpowering but the lovely coconut smell still lingers.
Happy Birthday my lovely Korres and let’s for a moment forget Greek financial woes.


  1. Brilliant brilliant brilliant brand.
    Must get that coconut body cream. I generally use the fig line... it's ace..

  2. Is the shaving cream good for women, as well, then? I saw it, the other day and I love absinthe but you know.... there's no point in buying it if I can't use it..