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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

And... RELAX

Although it now feels like spring is in the air (just my mood, not the weather), I am still having bouts of the winter blues from time to time. And moving flat at seven o’clock in the morning doesn’t help. And finally, trying to be more organised with booking my summer holiday has left me feeling more frazzled than on top of things. I am finding myself reaching for two products to soothe me.

Sisley’s Hydra Flash Formula Intensive is just perfect for pepping up the skin. I can almost notice the colour coming back to my cheeks when I pat this on - Rosewood Oil and Marjoram stimulate the skin. It smells so gorgeous and the consistency is just the right side of rich. You can use as an intensive mask for hydration boost too.

To relax (and celebrate my new flat’s bathtub) I am indulging in Aromatherapy Associates aptly named Relax Body Wash. It is like spring in a bottle; heady, floral, rich. Yum. Can someone run me a bath right now? I need me some relaxation time!

Aromatherapy Associates Relax Body Wash, £21.50
Sisley’s Hydra Flash Formula Intensive, £104.00


  1. WANT The Aromatherapy Associates body wash.
    I don't know why but by the description, it reminds me so much of Estée Lauder's Pleasures body wash - which I "stole" from my mum, haha.
    Soo much better than the perfume (I do like the perfume but it's a tad bitter than the bath foam, at least on my skin).
    Smells of flowers... fresh bouquet... slightly pungent.

  2. Alex, this is lovely, plus, natural! Lots and lots od essential oils. yum. xxx