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Monday, 7 March 2011

One Sexy Fringe Please

Having no internet really does feel ridiculously archaic. I have since had to try and entertain myself ‘off-line’. And boy did I get some entertainment when I went for a wonderful haircut at Aveda’s Holborn Salon. Man, I LOVE that place. The last time I went there, I had the fantabulous Cher cutting my hair, and this time, I had the almost impossibly gorgeous Olivier seeing to my tresses.
What I really wanted is a fringe similar to my girl crush Freja Beha Erichsen. Quite short, quite messy and tres sexy. Olivier was up to the challenge. What I love about this Aveda salon is the little touches. A little shoulder massage before you’ve even had a chance to snoop at the magazines. Plus, the most amazing-smelling products. Fact. I got whiffs of my conditioner hours after I left the salon.

And the results were: a gorge haircut that will only get better with time (I can tell). A sexy fringe (even Olivier said it was) and one relaxed set of shoulders. If only every trip to the hairdressers was such bliss.


  1. First off.... it's ace to see you back!

    Second.. now I beat myself up for always having ditched that Aveda salon in favour of Vidal Sassoon, whilst in London.
    Mind you, I love Vidal Sassoon.... but love Aveda, too.. and above all, I love - and desperately need - massages... especially shoulder massages!
    Would love to see your fringe.

    In any case, I am determined to pay a visit to that saloon more than ever, now.. a visit I should have paid aages ago!

    Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. P.s.: Oh the coincidences. Incredible.
    At first, I didn't know who you meant... Freja is a name I've heard but I couldn't associate face to name.
    Now, I've googled her and have found pictures... and I have realised that she's the girl of the winter Max Mara campaign!
    I keep saying that I want her fringe - more generally, her haircut and hairstyle displayed in the ad -, though I know I won't cut my long hair, heh. I can fix my fringe, though, yes :)

  3. hehehehe! I know, she is my ultimate girl crush. And what I love about that Aveda salon is that the stylists are all really honest about what will look on you and what won't.

    Plus, the massages are a total BONUS!! x