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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Elegant Flower

I think Jasmine is one of my favourite flowers of all-time. Did you know that women in South-East Asia just wear the flowers in their hair? Talk about fresh.

While, Korres, my favourite Greek beauty brand, scent their heavenly collection of Jasmine bodycare with newly opened jasmine buds, making the smell delicate yet super-long-lasting. Layer the showergel with the Body Butter and you’ll barely have any need for perfume. Now breathe deeply.
Korres Bodycare collections start at £8.


  1. I love Jasmine.

    You know Marc Jacobs' Blush? It's mostly based around Jasmine... and citrus, I think. It's one of my fave perfues and very much reminds me of London, for I discovered it whilst studying there during my JYA... and it's very much loved by guys, it seems! It's one of those perfumes about which my male friends always ask me questions like: "you smell nice, what is that?".

    Absolutely want to try this.... and I shall! Long live Korres!! x

  2. Yes, I know that one. An old friend of mine used to wear it and it reminds me of university.

    Long live Korres indeed. Their Vanilla Cinnamon range is also amazing.


  3. Went to Milan, last weekend. They did have Korres inside La Rinascente (which is a bit like Selfridges, only smaller)... but no Jasmine! I wanted to buy this stuff! Damnit.

  4. Grr!! You'll have to buy it when you come to London! x