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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I'm Gonne Let It Shine

I have a new hair secret. And it’s so good that I almost don’t want to share it, but that would be mean. I have always had fine hair. And I have always wanted thick hair. Fine hair and volume don’t always go together, and what I have found is that ‘Volumising’ products don’t always do what they say on the tin.

With my penchant for discovering exciting new brands, I feel very lucky to have come across Gielly Green. This haircare just feels different. The range is full of handpicked natural ingredients. And actually, the shampoo looks like molten gold. Plus, the products are infused with three wonder oils Argan, Neem and Sea Buckthorn.

The shampoo is a classic clean formula and doesn’t actually claim to puff up, volumise, curl or straighten the hair. But what I have found is that each hair strand feels so clean that the hair becomes full of natural volume. It is not stripped of its natural oils, but rather cleansed in to place.

The Argan rescue oil is something else. If you have fine hair, a drop or two at night through the ends is all you need. You’ll never experience a shinier gloss. So as they say, let it shine.

Gielly Green Classic Shampoo, £16.00
Gielly Green Argan Rescue, £19.50

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