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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Healing Wounds

I injured myself yesterday.

Having discovered my lack of coordination and absolute aversion to having the capability of riding a bike, I foolishly agreed to go cycling with my dad. Who is a cycling deamon I might add and is participating in Tour De France.
I fell head over heels, literally, down a dirt track in Richmond Park. Only to dicover later that as well as bruising my legs, ribs, arms and shoulder, I also seriously grazed me hands and FACE.

Although it is surface, I still want my face to heal asap and feel (and look) like Quasimodo.

However, I remembered two wise tales: my grandad told me that wounds always heal better with moisture. And the recipe for Lanolips was used to help heal wounds in hospitals. Lanolips + my wounds = greasy (but healing) face.


  1. Ouch! Get well sooon!

    I thought of you, the other day. I bought the Laura Mercier hand cream and found an amazing gardenia + coconut fragrance. xx

  2. Oooh ooohh!! Was that Laura Mercier too?
    I don't always like Gardenia, but mixed with coconut, it sounds genius. x

  3. No.... does Laura Mercier do Gardenia plus coconut?

    It's one of the Chanel exclusifs! Gardénia, it is called. I am afraid it's the best Gardenia perfume I've ever sniffed.. thought it was the Floris one my fave - which got discontinued and this forced me to replace it with Annick Goutal's excellent one - but this deffo beats it.
    I say I am afraid because the fact of it being one of the exclusives makes it VERY expensive. For now, I am living after my sample. It is indeed genius.... not too sweet, not too bland... the right amount of sweetness, it's got... and is elegant.. and fresh and warm, at the same time. I think it dates back to the '20s but unlike other Canel exclusives, it does not smell aldehyc at all.... only natural and elegant! Mmmmm! Want!

    Hope you're feeling better xx