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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Handbag Heroes

This weather is simply divine. And while I am waiting patiently for my wounds to heal (although I really do wish they would hurry up and heal quickly), I am taking pleasure from the little things. Sunshine on the windowsill, fresh fruit and the smell of summer in the air. And this painting by my boyfriend’s little sister always makes me feel so happy. The colours are immensely radiant.

And while I cannot really wear a lot of makeup while I skin is healing, I have to say these little aromatherapy roller-balls from Tisserand are fast becoming my favourite handbag heroes. They help to invigorate, energize and also calm and de-stress if a headache kicks in. Let the summer season begin.
Tisserand Roller Balls are only £5.25 each!


  1. Poor beauty.... really, get well soon. You seem to have such a pretty face... no scars, no scars, not fair!
    Thay picture sounds good but a bit too hot, non?
    We are inside a bubble of extreme and unnatural heat during the day, generally followed by fog, humidity and February cold at night (I kid you not). This explains why I feel miserable and am plagued by a sore throat and an incipient cold. Temperatures are said to drop 10 flippin' degrees by Wednesday. Unbeliavable!


  2. On a partly unrelated note... have you seen the new Orla Kiely collection? It's endearing.