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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Another Beautiful Competition!

It is one of my all-time favourite pharmacy brands and they have come up trumps again.
I find their products so affordable, so trustworthy and basically, pretty fabulous. The Extremely Rich Compensating Cream is a winter saviour. Like Captain Moisture to the rescue. Therefore, I want to share the love. I am going to be giving away a £50 set of Avene skincare, which will keep your skin in check throughout winter.
Just let me know your winter beauty secret by posting a comment below for your chance to win!(Be sure to like Avene's Facebook page too).

Plus follow me on Twitter to hear more beauty gossip!

Closing date will be Friday 4 February. I will contact the winner by Monday 7 February. Good luck! x 


  1. For lip winter skin care use a vitamin E based lip balm which will smooth and moisturize at the same time.

  2. I exfoliate at least once a week. This will remove dead cells and allow the skin to absorb extra moisture. I like Avene on FB and I follow you on twitter @anna8301

  3. My skin gets really dry in the winter, I find I need to move to a more creamy moisturiser and use it often
    @ali991 on twitter

  4. My Winter beauty secret is ...Vaseline!! Oh Yess!! Don't suffer those horrid little sore cracks on your fingers again from the nasty cold weather anymore. If one appears just pop a coating of Vaseline on the sore bit before you go to bed and wake up in the morning to perfect hands. Always works for me :)

    following on Twitter @medsdemon

  5. Vaseline eh? I am so trying that - my poor hands have been so chapped this winter! x

  6. My winter secret is the olive oil.
    I`m trying to clean my face and body with it and leave it a few hours on.

    I like avene`s facebook page as Mihaela Toana and I`m following you via twitter as @miha_loves_zaf.
    I`m a new follower also via gfc as m.t.

    Thank you so much for this great giveaway!
    I love avene products too!!!!

  7. I find Vaseline too greasy for my hands but an invaluable help for lips, throughout the year.. almost as good as Elizabeth Arden's 8-hour cream, in that sense.

    Apparently, my comment is too long, so I must split it in two parts, haha! Oops.

    Anyways! My winter beauty secret(s)... despite being relatively low maintenance, I generally set into proper patterns of "self-care" to cheer myself up. Maybe, we all do that, one way or another. Despite the kaleidoscopic nature of some parts of those patterns - mostly caused by the fact that I like too many things, so I often "rotate", haha -, others are constant presences that work for my skin and / or mood.
    Fragrances are a fundamental starting point for me. I won't bore you to death with the myriads of philosophic and organoleptic considerations I could make about the value of perfumes and their role in my life (which is pivotal), I shall tell you about this another day... but I do believe that charming drops of perfumed liquids are at the core of any beauty routine.
    Some fragrances smell of autumn and winter to me like no other or rather, they provide perfect comfort to me on cold, pungent days (mind you, I love those sorts of days already.. I think that lowe temperatures improve the perception of scents around us).
    I often put on some drops of Miller Harris Noix de Tubérose on my wrists and behind my earlobes, in the morning... or Annick Goutal's Gardenia. If I need a fresher start, it's Marc Jacobs' Blush - and the English reminiscences I associate to it - I go for... or Miller Harris' Tangerine Vert.
    Whenever I need even more oriental comfort and nothing but a subtle hint of "baby powder with character" on my neck, I choose a classic: Fleur Oriental.
    Evening perfumes of the season are Tom Ford's ecstatic Black Orchid and Chanel's Sycomore... or, again, M.H.'s tuberose.

    For the rest... I put on a fig-scented candle when I go back home in the eve'. It makes me feel warm and welcome. Diptyque's is probably the best but L'Occitane's and - surprise surprise! - Waitrose's are occupy highly respectable second spots!
    Waitrose's Fig+Vetiver candle shocked me, when I first discovered it, last year. I thought it'd have smelled of paraffin ad infinitum but no! Luckily, it did/does not.

  8. I drink loads. Mostly, water but also endless cups of teas and infusions. Twinings' detox stuff is really good for the skin and so is liquorice tea... to me, anyway... and Mariage Frères' Cinnamon tea is just an incredible mood-booster.

    I like hot showers before going to bed and I always make sure I take them when I am too stressed. I moisturise skin with honey or lavender or whilte almond or violet bath foams and body creams. Either that or Coudray's Musk and Freesia body cream.
    However, I find Lancome's "Caresse" one of the best body creams in winter... and throughout the year, in general. It even shimmers a bit! It's soft-scented and extremely moisturising, without being greasy.
    After a good uality shower of this sort, only a dressing gown, a cup of tea and a sofa can complete the work. I also apply a great apricot oil by Neal's Yard on my face, and wait until it's relatively absorbed to go to bed. I only do this when I find that my skin's been particularly dried by the outside weather conditions. Exception made for Decléor, I generally find oils too greasy for my type of skin, so I only use them when I really, really need them. Apricot oil is also a fantastic body moisturiser, btw!

    My facial skin is complex, so I find myself often trying new facial creams, haha. Lancome's Hydra Zen is one of the best, in wintertime and its soft and gentle smell is like a friendly hug, throughout the day. It is also perfectly in line with the degree of moisture it provides to me.
    At present, I am using a valid alternative: a light rose cream by Dr Haushka. Top notch.
    I exfoliate once a week and use an excellent product by Burt's Bees. Can't believe how good it is. It's the Peach and Willowbark exfoliator, which makes the miracle of providing both incredible cleanness and softness and incredibly delicious smell.

    Last but not least... shampoo. Another great winter comfort. Ojon is on top of my list, at present. The shampoo and conditioner I own smell of chocolate, mixed with cognac.. so my hair end up smelling of cognac-esque chocolate... or chocolatey cognac... whatever... something great, anyway! On top of everything, it ends up being extra soft and deprived of all the negative effects of winter aggression.
    Shockingly, it even ends up being light! I say that this is shocking because my hair is kinda long and relatively thick. The longer it gets, the harder it is to have it light, of course. Yet, Ojon makes it!


  9. WOW!! Alex, that is the most amazing list of beauty tips ever! I am also going to be sniffing out some candles from Waitrose - love their Organics range in there too. xxx

  10. I use Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating cream in the spring/summer so in the winter months I switch to the Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating cream to keep my skin extra-moisturised. A weekly application of Avene's Soothing Moisture Mask also keeps my winter skin feeling comfortable and supersoft!


  11. I love Avene's tolerance extreme creme and the thermal water on my very sensitive skin. I have an allergy to most products, this one clears up anything.

    In the winter i find my skin becomes scaly and dull, which i remedy by going for a lovely hot bath, candles and music. I mix my own facemask containing: an egg yolk, two tablespoons of oats(I sometimes use ReadyBrek because it is fine and mixes well), a little olive oil and some honey. I never waste the white of the egg, I use it to tighten and cleanse my face before i pat dry and apply my homemade face mask.

    While the mask is drying, I wash my hair with Faith's chocolate shampoo, it smells delicious and it leaves my hair feeling naturally cleansed. Afterwards, I apply Aussi's 5 minute miracle for coloured hair and leave while i wash off the mask.

    The face mask, might I add, is also brilliant as a body scrub/mask and leaves my skin so soft.

    Following my bath, i pat dry and moisturise my skin with Burt's body moisturiser(I don't have it to hand, but it is so light and smells beautiful and natural). If i don't use Avene's extreme creme, I moisturise my face with One Planet's sensitive moisturiser(it's for men, yes, but i loveee it)

    Vaseline hand cream(the pink bottle) on my hands and I'm good to go!

    p.s lots of echinacea tea keeps me warm and I feel like i'm giving my body a little helping hand too

  12. So much inspiration for the blog here!! Love it, xxx

  13. The 5-minute miracle smells so, so good. I love it too, though I can only use it when I am in the UK, for it can't be found here!

    @Jenny: *Blushes* .. why, thanks.. you have amazing lists on a regular basis, anyway, so... :) xx

  14. I keep myself hydrated by drinking water and munching on fresh fruits.
    Always use a gel cleanser as it prevents the skin from drying rapidly and losing moisture.

    I have combination skin so its always patchy dry, the best moisturiser would be an oil-free water based product.
    Whenever I've to go out, I make sure my cheeks have night cream on because of the thicker formulation, it doesn't dry out instantly.

  15. I moisture my skin twice daily and exfoliate once a week. I also drink plenty of water every day.

    Once a week I will have a complete facial at home, usually on a Friday evening after work so my skin can breathe for the week-end. I wear less make-up during the week-end unless I'm going out!

    Already liked Avene on FB (lovely products) and following on Twitter @CoxeeFoxy

  16. My winter beauty secret is to use really thick hydrating lip balm before I go to sleep. I get chapped lips very easily so this well-known trick is helping a bit. Another thing I like to do is use face creams that contain AHA's or BHA's which helps to prevent dry, flaky skin and also control break outs.

  17. Lip salves in every coat and handbag.

  18. My winter beauty secret is to drink a mug of hot water with a slice of lemon in it each morning - this is great for your skin and immune system

  19. My winter beauty secret is to use full-spectrum sunscreen even on cloudy days. I try not to stay in the bath or shower too long and I also cut down on using acids and astringents.

  20. My winter beauty secret is using Avene's Triacneal at night...Glycolic and retinoic acid give the dry skin a nice peeling effect. In the morning your skin is exfoliated from within- especially chin! I compensate this moisture loss by using La-Roche Posay Effaclar H- prior to morning sunscreen. After a few days, your skin glows!!! Triacneal is amazing! Just remember that it will bring break-outs to the surface but after a few days skin is smoother and nothing else gives you that glow!
    Triacneal (newer version of diacneal) is an amazing product!

  21. Hand cream is a must especially after coming in from the cold blustery wind. And always wear gloves outside in the cold to prevent chapped hands.
    following on twitter and like avene on facebook.


  22. Yes! My winter beauty secret is LIP BALM. Seriously can't get enough. I like perfumeria gal or burts bees!

    enter me!

  23. Hi! I received your twitter message just before, but can`t reply to you with my details because you don`t follow me...
    Could you send me your e-mail address at:
    Thank youuuuuu!!!!