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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Apothecary Cool

I have been noticing a real trend for apothecary beauty recently. And I am loving it. Dark brown bottles. Pharmaceutical style packaging. And natural ingredients. Now Korres, one of my favourite brands, is not one that I would usually put in to this category. Their packaging is fun, floral, design-led and undoubtedly beautiful.
But their new fragrances are right on the money. Dark brown glass bottles and apothecary-style all the way. And the actual fragrance of course. If you are a regular Korres user, you will know that Korres products always smell a-mazing. So the new Eau de Toilettes are no different.

I am currently obsessed with the Saffron, Amber, Cardamom and the Peonia, Vanilla, Amber Pear. They are light enough to be able to layer over other fragrances, but last long enough for you to still get a delicious whiff at lunchtime.

Plus, at £24.00 you can afford to stock up on more than one.


  1. A M A Z I N G.

    Also... amazingly cheap! Woo!

    I need a bottle of this. Must smell heavenly.

    Not sure if it's available over here.. but will have a look on the internet again, soon.. and will have a look in London, as soon as I go back. X

  2. I know! BARGAIN!
    I want them all!! xxx

  3. Hi! I received your twitter message (sent at @miha_loves_zaf) just before, but can`t reply to you with my details because you don`t follow me...
    Could you send me your e-mail address at:
    Thank youuuuuu!!!!

  4. Ok... how about not having a good local retailer selling Korres anymore???? :( What the.... will have to explore and see if another place sells their products, here.
    I thought that having to cope with a very limited selection of products was bad enough. Bah. :(