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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sweet Kinetic Heat

I have been wanting to embrace the New Year with a sweet new signature scent. It's funny how a perfume can lift your mood, give you confidence and make you feel completely positive. I have found one that does all three.

Two words: Jimmy Choo. The empire is in no danger of winding down. Quite the contrary in fact. And far far from jumping on the fragrance bandwagon with a mediocre creation. this debut offering has legs. It starts off fresh and innocent with top notes of pear nectar and sweet Italian Orange. (It already sounds like a beautiful dessert from Patisserie Valierie). Then, the Tiger Orchid, and Indonesian Patchouli kick in. I strongly recommend to try it. And I defy anyone (albeit with a sweet tooth) to walk away not wanting it.

Jimmy Choo Fragrance, available from The Perfume Shop from 29 January, from £39.00

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