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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Avante Garden

If you, like me, have sensitive skin, this is the range for you. So I do have sensitive skin sometimes... ok, all the time, and I wish I could just use any old moisturiser, but I can't.

I recently saw a friend of mine who actually washes her face with a bar of soap. Not fancy soap neither. Just ordinary soap that probably costs less than £1. If I did that, my face would shrivel up like a prune.
So I take care. I have danced around the Darphin range for a while because I love the scents, ingredients, colours of the products. I finally tried Intral and it's the most delicious range. 

The Redness Relief Soothing Serum is a veil of calm for angry skin. Chamomile soothes and beautiful-sounding peony extracts protect. The Soothing Cream is a cacooning shield with Orchid extract and vitamin E to repair any damage.

You will find similarly beautiful ingredients in all of Darphin's products. Plus, they will single-handedly raise your bathroom beauty credentials. Must must must have.
Darphin, Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum, £47.00
Darphin, Intral Soothing Cream, £37.00

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  1. You finally made it, then! I must still try one of their creams I was lusting after.... and it's either Decléor or Darphin, I suppose... both amazing for delicate skin.
    I understand the issue... even though I am not exactly prone to massive redness, nor am I prone to eczema. Still, my skin is complex and sensitive to climatic changes quite a lot... must take care, surely! It's always been complex.. much like its owner.. haha!

  2. Just about! I must say, Darphin's products remind me of sophisticated French ladies in chic Parisian stores. That's a good thing!

    I am trying another range for eczema now as I can't seem to cure it altogether, only keep it at bay... xx