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Monday, 10 January 2011

Russian Wonders

On my beauty adventures to local markets in Russia, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the lotions and potions from Communist days gone by. To my surprise, a lot of the classic brands were still on sale! The creams for feet, hands, face and ointments are sold in metal tubes, like old-fashioned toothpaste and are actually surprisingly good. I used to swear by a greasy cream that smelt like flowers, but was the only thing that soothed my dry skin.

But, rather interestingly, apart from the Garniers and the Loreals that dominate the beauty market no matter where you are in the world, Russia has some of its own beauty brands on the rise. I noticed Natura Siberica, which is an organic beauty brand made with Russian plants from Siberia. Natural and not expensive (£2 for a face-wash), I decided to try it. And love it I did. The only thing that stopped me from buying and trying the entire collection was luggage restriction. 

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  1. That website looks wonderful!!!! A good linguistic tool, for me, as well... noticed the link to Ferrara university, hah!
    Also, I am quite intrigued by those teas of theirs. Sound delicious. Are they?

  2. I haven't tried the teas, they will be on my next shopping list in Russia. I was so impressed with the packaging, the smell and quality of the product though, no doubt the teas are in the same league. x