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Monday, 27 June 2011

Spanish Dreamin'

So my holiday has been and gone. And I have been burnt and tanned at the same time – but not in the same locations – ouch! My hair has turned the colour of very pale gold and it’s amazing how many colours go with ‘sunkissed’.

The thing I loved most about Spain were the colours. I loved all the colours of the food, the clothes, the shop signs and interiors. The little coffee cup above was an homage to Pedro Almodovar films, which happen to be some of my favourites. It’s a functional bit of inspiration.

My second favourite thing were the botanical gardens in Madrid. I actually spent so long in here they almost gave me a shovel and said to start working. The sheer variety of plants on display were simply magic and I could have continued smelling, touching, photographing them all day.

For now: back to reality.


  1. Lovely. And though I can't see much of you, you look a stunning girl!!

    On separate notes... I must tell you that I got the Sonia Rykiel dress (yay discounts! Remember the one I showed you?) and the Nuxe scrub. I highly recommend said scrub. It smells heavenly and works really well! xx

  2. Yay!! Go girl!!!
    I will check out this scrub, I promise. I love a good scrub down. xxx