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Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Essentials

I am going on holiday tomorrow. Barcelona and Madrid. I have been to Barcelona before, so I am not interested in tourist sight-seeing. I want to hit the beach. I am preparing for this in a number of ways: I have bought a new bikini. I will be taking Avene’s sunscreen with me, which is the best in my opinion. Nicest smell, sinks in to skin easily and the colour of the bottle makes me happy. And finally, to get my skin sun-ready, I will be pill-popping Imedeen’s Tan Optimizer. This will not only help me to get an even tan but will actually help to protect my skin. Could I ask for anything more?

Bon voyage!

Avene Sun Protection Spray SPF20
Imedeen’s Tan Optimizer two month's supply, £40.80


  1. Nice one, Jenny.... only I would need SPF 50, really.. haha.
    Agreed on Avène being excellent.

    Have much fun!

  2. Ehhh? What does the tan optimizer do? :O How?! xx

  3. The tan optimizer stimulates the melonin production in your skin! This helps you to get a more event tan - always a good thing :) xx