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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hair Raisor

I have gone all out on the treatments front recently. The cherry on the cake was last week, being invited to Gielly Green for a haircut. This is the salon, whose products I have been salivating over for months. The products that I put in my bathroom 'just to test' and that had run out before I had time to add them to my blog. That's how much I loved them.
I was lucky enough to get my hair cut by Shai Greenberg, who I can only describe as a hairdressing demi-god. He performed a few manoeuvres that I had never even experienced before. Cutting your hair with your head upside down anyone?
The result was that my friend nearly walked past me in the street - she didn't recognise me. In a good way. And that is probably the best testimonial that I can give.
I say treat yourself - I've heard it many times, but hair and skin is really worth investing in. (Plus, they have THE most amazing flower bouquets ever).

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