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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Loud and Proud

As the sun is coming out to play more often now, I am starting to take care of more than just my fingernails. That's right. The socks are coming off. But, at this time of year, pre-holiday, the feet are pale and some colours will just make them look even more pasty. Steer clear of anything yellow, unless you already have a tan and opt for more orangey, pink and red hues. I even think anything too dark red looks too goth on white pins.

OPI are a no-brainer when it comes to nail colours. With more in-between shades that you can shake a top coat at, you are bound to find one perfect for your skin tone. Plus. following my confession for a secret flower addiction these shades (and their names too!) are after my own heart.

Part of the Nice Stems collection, Play the Peonies is a beautiful, sheer, soft pink. It has a touch of pearl, so can be build up for a retro Barbarella nude. But Come to Poppy is a killer. Bright, right side of coral with a big fat dash of pink. Suits ANY skintone and not too iridescent. I'm wearing them loud and proud.
OPI Nail Polish £10.50 each

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  1. Saw these on a window display, today and thought of you!