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Monday, 30 May 2011

Flower Addiction

I think I have become obsessed with flowers. I need a conservatory. A simple jog turns in to a flower expedition, as I have to smell each rose bush. And in supermarkets, I am like a flower fiend too. i am running out of pots and vases.

This is the season for roses and many other early summer blooms. And now that the weather is getting warmer, my previous moisturiser is starting to feel too heavy. So step in Sisley's Ecological Compound, an extremely versatile product - its light texture means you can use it as a moisturiser on its own, or as a serum, plus it helps to protect skin against environmental pollution.

But my favourite part is it's full of botanical goodness (Rosemary, Ginseng and hops) and smells like a bouquet of field flowers. So it goes some way to ease my flower addiction.

Sisley's Ecological Compound, £125 from Harrods or other excellent Department Stores.

1 comment:

  1. Shocking again. How much do we have in common, exactly??? Heheh!
    I often use this, during the summer... though I haven't been buying it for a couple of years. I was totally obsessed with it.... texture and smell are both heavenly, and a huge summer help/relief.
    Maybe I should get it again. Have some other stuff to buy, though and it isn't cheap in the slightest! Maybe in a month or so... ;) xx