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Friday, 6 May 2011

Flowery Memories

I am well and truly back home now. And it’s funny how after a couple of days it is almost as if you have never been away. This means that I need my creature comforts more than ever before to ease me back in to the pain of reality.

As I have expressed my love of roses before, I am also eternally in love with the rose’s cousin: the peony. They remind me of my grandparents who used to grow them in their garden. The smell is a gentle childish memory. But making a lovely peony fragrance is not easy. Like lilies of the valley, peonies do not yield an essential oil. L’Occitane has managed to get extract from the root of the peony for their new Pivoine Flora Eau de Parfum and it is the closest you’ll get to the real thing. It’s simply wonderful.

Furthermore, L’Occitane has also create a limited edition makeup range with lipsticks, bronzers and more, all infused with peony. If you are a fan of the smell of lipsticks, this one is the daddy of them all, meddled with a light peony scent. Pucker up girls!

Surrounding myself in flowers can at least help me to remember the fields of flowers in Greece and the two million tulip bulbs I was lucky enough to see bloom in Istanbul.

L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Parfum, £39
L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Lipstick, £12
L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Face Powder, £20


  1. How wonderful.
    To be honest, I much prefer peony to rose. I am not a massive rose fan, though I have my exceptions.
    I definitely agree with you that coming up with the good smell of peony is complicated. In fact, I don't love many fragrances of that sort!
    I love Marc Jacobs' Lola exactly cos of the heart of peony, though I think it is more of a winter fragrance.
    Despite having spotted this new L'Occitane fragrance, I haven't sprayed it on, yet. Will do!!!!
    The colour of that lipstick looks heartbreaking. Doubt I could wear it without looking silly - and I envy those who can sport it so nicely! - but I could give it a try and see...!

    Welcome back. :) xx

  2. You know, I NEVER wear lipstick and I have been wearing this one for two days!! And the fragrance is so yummy - let me know if you like it too. xx

  3. I bought my first red lipstick a few months ago! Hahah. Actually, I got two 0_0
    I haven't worn them, yet. I lack self-esteem.
    ANYWAYS! Yes, Mademoiselle. I shall spray on - tomorrow, I think! - and let you know.
    I don't think I've seen the make-up collection, over here, though things might have changed. I shall report. xx