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Friday, 4 November 2011

One Hell of a Skin Saver

I had professed my love of this product before already. But I will say it again: this product is a life saver. Say your skin is dull, it’s maybe even spotty – it’s basically upset that it’s winter and doesn’t like the wind and rain. In comes Sisley’s Gentle Buffing Cream, which much like a hero swinging from a chandelier will sort out all your skin woes in one easy swoop.
First, you massage on to dry skin, thereby starting the gentle exfoliating process. Then, you leave to dry on your face, like a mask, and afterwards, scrub off gently. Honestly, it’s like little fairies have been giving you a facial all the while. I really like to then slather on lots of serum and moisturiser, which sinks in immediately. I also love to then stroke my face and marvel at my baby-soft skin.

Sisley Gentle Buffing Cream, £50 from Harrods

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