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Thursday, 21 February 2013

sweet smell of nature

I (like a lot of girls) have a vast perfume closet to suit every occasion. But, ever since I became a mummy, I suddenly became a lot more aware of synthetic perfumes coming into such close contact with my baby.
I became interested in what I can do to still wear scent but not overpower my baby with a waft of crazy floral overload (I have been known to spritz more than once). In those first few months I simply wore essential oils only such as ylang ylang, lavender or chamomile.

Now I’m ready something a little stronger. Enter Acorelle, a new, 100% natural range of perfumes that are actually designed to enhance your wellbeing – bonus! Rich in essential oils, Tea Garden is a gorgeous, zingy, uplifting scent that is my current pick-me-up of choice throughout the day. It’s like someone raided my tea and spice cupboards and used my favourites to make this scent: mint, cumin lemon and bergamot.

I also particularly like National Trust Garden’s Wild Rose and Camomile. Two of my favourite flowers in one bottle. It’s delicate, floral but not overpowering and has a nostalgia about it that reminds me of my own mum and grandma.
I’d like my scents to create memories for my little girl in the future. 
Acorelle parfums available at Marks & Spencer Beauty and Whole Foods, £29.00
National Trust Garden’s Wild Roseand Camomile, £10.00

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