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Saturday, 23 February 2013

gift on the street

How much do you adore Australiana cult beauty brand Aesop?! I love the way they manage to innovate and be so forward-thinking with even the tiniest of things.
I have been (and still am, sometimes) intimidated to try beauty products at beauty counters. It can be frustrating to have an over-zealous assistant asking what you are looking for or if you need help when all you really want to do is browse. I’m curious by nature and I have a habit of smelling everything from hand cream to mascara (really!).
That’s why I love that Aesop have removed the middle man and actually put their testers out on to the street. They are positively encouraging you to try. It’s just a bonus that the hand and body moisturisers on offer are velvety soft, like whipped cream, and smell of childhood lollipops.
There’s a good reason to take your gloves off if ever I heard one. 


  1. what's the Aesop body lotion that smells nicest? Need to buy one

  2. oooh, they are all so gorgeous, but there is a mandarin rind one that smells sweet and spicy at the same time and it totally yummy!!! xx