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Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Little Help...

I have been a fan of Shiffa for a while. Theirs are products whose ingredients literally sound good enough to eat. One of my biggest enemies at the moment is the potential of stretch marks rearing their ugly head, but Shiffa's founder Dr Lamees Hamdan actually developed her own concoction of pregnancy oil during her own pregnancy. It features, amongst others, macadamia, apricot, avocado, evening primrose and Mandarin oils that come together in one sweet, delicious smelling fits-all pregnancy oil. It's reassuringly rich, heady and totally soothing. Finally, waking up to a red and blotchy face is about as far from the pregnancy glow I was expecting. Shiffa's Tamanu moisturising cream is very healing and calming for angry red skin. Calendula will help to protect too. 
Anything to help me get my glow on.


  1. Oh I SO need a calm-down cream. Got a red face, these days. I'm using Weleda Caldendula baby cream, hahahaha. This one is a bit too pricey :( I will buy it, at some point.

    Hope you're feeling grand! You and bump, that is :)

  2. me tooo!!!! weleda is gorge. try rose too.
    plus, aromatherapy associates face oil - very calming xxx