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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Look a Million Dollars

I am going to the theatre again tonight. Well, a musical to be precise called Million Dollar Quartet. As the subject is pretty colourful (jazz and rock and roll) I decided to jazz up my appearance too. The perfect opportunity to embrace the red trend and catch a little scarlet fever. Two rules to this trend: red nails and red lips.
Leighton Denny is a favourite of mine, so Caught Red Handed is the best devil red with a subtle pearl. Then, By Terry’s Terrybly Lipstick is almost too beautiful to use, but too wonderful not to. Funky ruby is a bright pillarbox red, showstopper style. It will volumise and firm your lips as you wear it and is scented with founder’s Terry de Gunzberg’s favourite scent: rose. It also comes in the most adorable theatre-appropriate string bag that I only wish it was big enough to house my glasses too.
Everyone needs a little scarlet fever as we approach autumn.


  1. Yes. Agreed. I have 2 red lipsticks at the moment - Chanel and MAC, the latter in Dubonnet.. nor worn as intensely / theatrically as Nat Portman wears it in Black Swan but... that shade, yes.. it's less dark than it seems, cos it's the add of Vino lip pencil that makes it so dark in the film -, which is silly as I never wear red. I love it but I feel too shy and I think I have the wrong lips for it. Nevertheless, I bought these because, for the first time ever, I think I look good. Still haven't had the courage to step out with either of them on, though. Hope you'll have a grand night!

  2. AAAhh!! Get that red lippy out. I am the same! Amazing lipstick shades and too shy to wear them. but not anymore.. xxx