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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Little Miss Gorgeous (Collection)

I love a good collaboration. And to be honest, makeup ones are always the best. When you can actually sense the personality of the partnership.
Now, when I first came to england, I learnt English via Enid Blyton and Mr Men books. When I found out Mr Men were diong a collaboration with Nails Inc, naturally, I got a little excited.
To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Mr Men, they are releasing some limited edition shades named after our favourite characters. Nails Inc are the perfect brand to capture the fun of Mr Men, don't you agree?
My favourite, Little Miss Naughty is a baby grape colour. But Little Miss Sunshine is a lovely, nude, peachy colour, whilst Little Miss Splendid is an irridescent turquoise. So cute, I might have to paint one nail in each colour.
Out in August 2011, priced £12 each.


  1. Oh I LOVE Mr Men.
    This is funny / cute. I would love to get the Splendid one, for it's turquoise and turquoise is one of my very fave colours.. only trouble is, I am not sure it would suit me, as a nail varnish colour.. hmm... will think on.
    I confess I do nail varnish very rarely and when I do, I generally go for neutral and light pink. Only recently did I start to dislike my fingers less than I previously did - primary reason behind me not using different pigments - and to my surprise, I found out that dark red suits me, despite me not having... well, your hands, from what I could see via pics.
    Might give turq. a try but it's still hard for me to snap out of my shell, in this sphere! Hehe.

    Thumbs up, anyway. I like this collaboration.

  2. It is the best one I have seen for ages! And surprisingly, all the colours are sooo wearable, even the turqouise! xxx