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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Avant-Garde Beauty

I have always admired Japanese fashion. Their simple and minimal approach to tailoring. And yet on the other side of the scale the over-accessorised theatrical creations of the teenagers in the Harajuku district.

I must say that my recent visit to the Barbican's Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion exhibition was an eye-opening insight. The colours, textures, fabrics and fantastical shapes were so dazzling. I was instantly drawn to the golden aura of Koji Tatsuno’s fantastically delicate puffball dress. I couldn't help but imagine what the makeup would look like for an outfit like this. Gold glitter and fat lashes.

I also absolutely loved Mintdesign's intricate gowns. Hula-style skirts out of shredded magazines and coats made from recycled newspapers. One thing is for sure: Barbican sure know how to put on a kick-ass fashion exhibition.


  1. Wow. The first dress is amazing as a form of art per se.

    I love that.

    In terms of Japanese fashion, I am a big fan of Yamamoto.... I think he's the one who best represents that simple and minimal approach you were talking about, whilst maintaining a high, architectural predilection towards lines, shapes and sinuous intricacies.

  2. I know, it is truly breathtaking in real life too. Plus, the amazing thing that I discovered is how many incredible Japanese fashion designers are women!!! xx