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Friday, 6 August 2010

Cool for Cats

So yesterday evening, I spent the most fascinating time in the most fascinating place, learning about the most fascinating product. The Powder Puff Girls boutique in Marshall street was celebrating the launch of Paul and Jo's new makeup collection. What a delight that was. I felt like i had been transported in to a parallel retro universe where they served me pink champagne in equally pink-flower decorated tea-cups and saucers and my where my makeup was applied by the most beautifully porcelain-skinned living-doll of a makeup artist that has ever walked the streets of Soho.
As if that wasn't delightful enough, I also found out that the designer of Paul and Joe is just as inspired and obsessed about cats as I am. (My friends recently bought me a porcelain cat as a consolation prize for not having a real one on my birthday). Paul and Joe's new lipstick bullets are shaped like cat heads. I entertained myself for ages playing hide and seek with its little pointy-eared head. My friend who brought me probably thought I was nuts.

Either way, Paul and Joe's makeup, which has so far eluded my attention really grabbed me. Pretty palletes with some of the sparkliest gold an silver shades in all this land and some gorgeous-smelling skincare made with love (and Japanese know-how). Beautiful.

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