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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mister Mascara

I have decided that mascaras are like men and basically fall in to two main categories.

The first is the mascara that gives you big love and big lashes. This is the one that comes all guns blazing, makes your eyes look about ten times bigger than they are and you wonder how you ever lived without this product or have ever been happy with any other mascara before. This is the equivalent of the rough and ready bad-boy man who is as addictive as he is cocky. Much like this mascara that just screams 'I-know-I'm-your-beauty-golden-ticket-baby'. For some reason, this mascara also finishes quicker than any other mascara you've ever used too, perhaps because of the ferocious new style of application that it begs for. But, one day, you'll wake up and find it has run out and run dry, much like that type of man who has also always 'runs out'. And then, the worst thing, is you'll find it has also been discontinued and the search for the best mascara is resurrected.

Then, the other type of mascara is a kind and gentle sort. It will not change your world, but it does look after your lashes, gently coating each one for understated definition. Like that lovely geek in your social circle, or at school or at work who you know will treat you right. But, for some reason, like this type of man, you can never remain faithful to this type of mascara and will always keep searching for that golden-ticket mascara that will give you the big lashes you once had on the side.

From left:
Givenchy, Phenomen'eyes, £19.50 (Baaaad-boy)
Estee Lauder, Double-Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara, £17.50 (Kind and Sweet)
bareMinerals, Flawless Definition Volumising, £15.00 (Playa-bad and bargainlicious)
bareMinerals, Flaless Definition, £15.00 (Couldn't be nicer if it tried and infused with minerals!)

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