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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Pick Me Up

Summer summer summer time, oh summer time. The weather is hot and every public building and transport vehicle feels like stepping in to a mini sauna. But not one that is actually good for you. Or your skin. I have been thinking a lot lately about what I put on my skin and have been inspired by flowers, plants and my weekly visits for Colombia Road flower market. I decided to go au naturel. I am also a sucker for beautiful scents and the way they can uplift your mood. My Cowshed room sprays genuinely make me happy/relaxed/relaxed and happy, depending on the time of day I spray them. So it's no surprise that I go for the same pick me up qualities in my skincare.
My first investment is a eco, hard-duty face wash. I always double-rinse my face of all make up every evening and need a face wash that will get rid of all traces of my day's wear. I decided to try Evolve, an eco-smart skin care range. The Daily Detox Facial Wash was both gentle and effective. It features African superfood moringa seeds, which purify skin and reveal a brighter complexion. Nice wake up call for skin in the mornings and super-thorough cleansing in the evenings.

For an additional perk-up, I am loving Nude's Deep Cleansing Mask, which is made from kaolin clay to draw out any impurities, but is non-drying. Hallelujah. Plus, as a bonus, the little beads in the mask act like a gentle scrub when you wash off the mask. Double-duty, double-beauty, double-results.

Finally, to rid my body of any harmful toxins and start from the inside, I am taking a course of Nude's Detox capsules,
which contain Liquorice and ginger that support the digestive system and aim to reduce water retention and increase energy.In other words, I am not carrying around a food baby after a big meal.

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