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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ooooh La La

This weekend, i paid a visit to Paris. I was so excited to visit French pharmacies. I love everything about them. Starting with their blinking lights outside (some are pretty ornate and intense) down to the obscure little French brands that they stock inside. I could visit hundreds and not get bored, that might have to be a little side-project visit for another time, but my boyfriend would only let me visit a few. His wails were hard to reason with.

With this visit, I treated myself to some beautiful and traditional French soap. I love the smell of freshly milled French soap, like fresh laundered linen that has been dried in open fields. Yum! It also gives that squeaky clean feeling to the skin.

If you are a nail-painting junkie like me, then you need to invest in some hard-duty but also caring nail-varnish remover. I found one in France with rose extract, which has a tinge of rose to the smell. Conditioned nails: check. The cherry on this rosey cake is the packaging, which reminded me of my grandmother in Russia.

I also bought some runny honey, because this is a staple for beauty inside and out.

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