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Monday, 3 May 2010

Beautiful Introductions

For me, it's all about beauty. Lately, I have been experimenting a lot with eye make up, much to the disappointment of my boyfriend who really only likes the natural look. Oh dear, that means only some eye liner and a slick of mascara, which to be fair has been my beauty uniform for a number of years. That lead me to search for the best mascara out there. I thought I came close with Dior's Diorshow Black mascara, which makes lashes fluffy and thick. However, when I discovered Trish McEvoy's Volumising mascara, I was in l.o.v.e. The best thing is that is washes off with water. no more tugging or rubbing the eye area - bingo.

But my focus at the moment is eye colour. Sometimes daring and bold. I have after all found my new best friend; eye primer.


  1. You need to try Armani's Eyes to Kill, it is amazing.

  2. Tara, you are a beauty genius! This is next on my 'to explore list'. X

  3. this is on my list as well )))