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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sweet Smell of Spring

There is something about the beginning of spring that make me want to update my fragrance collection. All the fresh smells of a new season and blossoming trees get me giddy with excitement about summer.
This year, like any other, I wanted to get a fragrance that was fresh, spring-like but not too-sugary-sweet. Salvatore Ferragamo’s (best shoe designer ever, anyone?) Segnorina fits this description to a tea. It’s rosey and flowery with a touch of creamy sweetness. It reminds me of a delicious lollipop from childhood and airs out in to the scent of a spring flowerbed.
Plus, it helps me with my sweet cravings. Yum. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Segnorina from £39.00


  1. it's like a pink version of my shoes.... their shoes, obviously. Love the bottle. Not fond of the pink tone but hey.... it's a bottle of perfume, I can actually accept it in that context.

    Wanna try this, now!

    Yeah, best shoe designer ever alright. I've got 3 pairs and intend to buy a flattero ne, this year.

    Saw our pic on Twitter. Loving the bump! x

  2. Update: I tried this perfume on, the other day. It's true, it's flowery-creamy! Strangely enough, it's not as scarcely persistent as other high street fragrances I've tried (and generally avoid going for, preferring Jo Malone et similia). In short, thumbs up, deffo!